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NBA 2K12 – The Greatest (Trailer)

Posted by Jo$h on August 4, 2011

Looks like the 2K series really intends on taking last years installment to the next level. This game will feature 15 legends and their teams. Confirmed are Jordan, Magic, Bird, Dr. J, and Kareem. The remaining legends are being intentionally unannounced so that fans can debate on who should be included (great move, by the way). However, if the trailer is any indication, we should be seeing Drexler’s Blazers, Hakeem’s Rockets, and Nique’s Hawks.

Sidenote: Personally, I’d love to see a Penny/Shaq Magic team, a Reggie Miller Pacers team, and the Shaq/Kobe Lakers. Only time will tell.

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Jordan x Magic x Bird x NBA 2K12

Posted by Jo$h on July 22, 2011

Following the success and innovation of last year’s NBA 2K11, it was long wondered how the series would follow up. Many people suggested that the only way to follow Michael Jordan would be with Magic Johnson and/or Larry Bird. Well 2K Sports 1 upped that idea and is giving us Magic, Larry, AND Michael in this years version.

Details haven’t yet been released on whether this years installation will feature the same kind of challenges as the “Jordan Challenge” of last years game, but one can only assume that we’ll have something of the sort.

NBA 2K12 hits stores (lockout or not) October 5th

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Kobe Bryant Plays NBA 2K12 at E3

Posted by Jo$h on June 7, 2011

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