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Man Posing as Ref Streaks at UCLA-Arizona Game

Posted by Jo$h on October 21, 2011

Watch the ref that comes from the top of the screen around 0:14. He actually stops the play on the field and tries to get the ball, before taking off and taking off his clothes.

Then after that… a huge brawl between the 2 teams.

Sidenote: UCLA football sucks this season.

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Kobe Bryant Hits Game Winner at Drew League

Posted by Jo$h on August 17, 2011

Kobe visits the Drew League for a scrimmage and hits the game winner over James Harden while dropping 43 points (confirmed by Drew League commissioner Dino Smiley) and gets swarmed by the Compton crowd.

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Shaq on The Conan O’Brien Show

Posted by Jo$h on August 3, 2011

Newly hired TNT analyst Shaquille O’Neal visited the Conan O’Brien show and took some time to send shots the way of Skip Bayless.

Sidenote: One of the understated negative effects of this basketball lockout is being deprived of Shaq joining Ernie, Chuck, and Kenny on the Inside the NBA set. That can’t come soon enough.

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Kevin Durant Drops 66 at Rucker Park

Posted by Jo$h on August 3, 2011

Kevin Durant is really solidifying his rep this summer on his unofficial streetball tour. First The 4th Quarter witnessed him shut down the Drew League in LA… then he goes off for nearly 70 at the Rucker… The very next night he drops 41.

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NBA Stars vs PBA Stars (Highlights)

Posted by Jo$h on July 28, 2011

Unless you were up at 4am a few nights ago watching a live Filipino stream then chances are you didn’t see these highlights. It was 2 games that took place last weekend and the NBA stars won both, providing plenty of highlights in the process.

The NBA stars were composed of:

Kobe Bryant (Player-coach)
Derrick Rose
Chris Paul
Kevin Durant
Tyreke Evans
James Harden
Javale McGee
Derrick Williams
Derek Fisher (Who should have been back in America negotiating this damn lockout!)

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Bow Wow Loses $1000 to Kobe Bryant

Posted by Jo$h on July 11, 2011

Why Bow even thought he stood a chance is hilarious. Kobe spotted him 10 points and still took it easily. As he should have though, since Bow Wow is only like 3 ft tall.

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Gilbert Arenas Breaks Down NBA Lockout on Twitter

Posted by Jo$h on July 1, 2011

Orlando Magic guard Gilbert Arenas (@AgentZeroShow) recently took to Twitter to break down the NBA’s lockout in simple terms so that the average fan can understand what is taking place. Here are a compilation of his tweets discussing the matter.

“for the ppl who dont know why there lockin out..ill explain it in real ppl terms…Lakers Dallas Miami Knicks Magic Bulls Boston and a few others always hav the best chance at the top free agents do to city and money…so the smaller cities team cant compete so they can never get better and there always losing since they cant control each other…spending money on players they want us too do it for them by signing a new deal…its that simple…all the older owners hav made there money and selling to new buyers and the new buyers are gettn killed in these small cities…but no matter what deal gets agent are gonna go to the same cities ANYWAY…thats why the same teams stay good and the same teams…stay bad…the owners with the most money will try to buy the best players…so like the lakers just signed a 175 million dollar tv deal…but they dont want to share that with the rest.. they want US to do it…i know ppl are like u make 20 and r not worth it..TRUE..but the man who paid me thought i was too him..ur worth what sum one gives u…i havent been to one meeting but i know when unrealistic ppl are tryin to make a statement there gonna do it…its like me sayin i wanna play 52 mins a game every night..”well theres only 48″WELL find me 4 more mins then..if not LOCKOUT lmaoooooooooo…so when you heard u team say were REBUILDING all there sayin is buy our tickets watch us lose..clippers hav been rebuilding for 20+ years…and made one playoff series..u can be like okc and hav young talent but eventually ur gonna have to pay all those players and u cant…and then what happens..umm the famous REBUILDING its a rat race there tryin to get out of..and they need us to do it for them..SMH…I see ppl sayin teams like Spurs and Detroit did it..well spurs had a great team that got hit buy the injury bug in and got the number 1 pic…and got Duncan so from there they just built around him.and the piston got lucky all the free agent they got was very cheap but good players…and thats why they broke up..they were worth more then they were befor…so i dont see it ending sooner but hey who knows…theres 100 items to get though were at i think 1 lmaoooo…trust me there gonna sit back and let us kill ourselves like last time…so imma tell yall the truth but no disrespecting anybody…theres no need for all that.if ur boss wants to pay u less he has a right to try and do so…so hopefully yall dont suffer i can play Wi basketball…even if they hav pay cuts then what….r they gonna give out free food with all the extra money there gettn ummmm no..there gonna do…get a new 20 million dollars score boards SMH and still scream were losing this basketball thing is pocket changes to this owners…so ill see yall at midnight….gotta go take sum free stuff…lol.”

…and there you have it! Broken down by one of the players that many people point to as an example for one of the many reasons that the lockout is taking place (making over $60 million over the next 3 years). But well said (figuratively).

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Kevin Durant Lobs to Himself at Drew League

Posted by Jo$h on June 19, 2011

Not our footage but The 4th Quarter was front and center to catch this live! If you’re in LA this summer make sure to check out the Drew League for some good ball by pros and amateurs.

Sidenote: The play of the day was the between the legs move by Money Mike seen on the right side of the screen at 00:40.

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Shaquille O’Neal Retirement Press Conference

Posted by Jo$h on June 3, 2011

Probably the most entertaining retirement that you’ll ever see. Shaq had a damn party and treated everyone in the media as houseguests… probably because they held the press conference in his own home. Shaq spoke on all the organizations that he played for, his coaches, Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers, as well as Kobe and D-Wade. I’m a Lakers fan and many of us were upset about the way he left the team, but he was truly one of the best ever. Can’t wait to see his jersey hanging on the wall at Staples next to the 3 banners that he brought the city.

PS: I hope he lands a gig with TNT. Kenny, Charles, and Shaq? Priceless!

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NFL Star Ray Lewis Gives Motivational Speech @ Elon University Football Team (Video)

Posted by Just10 on April 25, 2011

Wow! This is an amazing speech from an amazing player! This makes me realize that Ray Lewis is not only that but an amazing and spiritual person also! Watch and Listen!

“Let your name be worth more than your bank account!”

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Hornets Hold off Lakers, 93-88, to Tie Series at 2-2 (Video)

Posted by Just10 on April 25, 2011


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The Lebrons – Episodes 1 & 2

Posted by Jo$h on April 12, 2011

Ummmm….. I’m not sure what to make of these…. The animation kind of reminds me of the Boondocks, but it has the feel of a Saturday morning cartoon from the 90s that you just knew was gonna get get cancelled during or after the 1st season.

Ok, I can’t lie, its kinda funny in a corny kinda way lol. Ironically, from the little I’ve watched the least interesting character is the Lebron character himself.

Sidenote: They wanna be subtly racist by having the white guy call the Chinese girl an anime character, then have her speak perfect English with no accent at all?! Ok!

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