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Shawn Chrystopher – You, And Only You (Album) + Catch Me If You Can (Video)

Posted by Just10 on December 8, 2010

Download Album Right Here!

The4thQuarter has done everything it can to push the art and artists we believe in and although we had fallen off in recent months, we want to stay committed to that passion

I would like to sincerely congratulate Shawn Chrystopher for the release of his new album, You, And Only You. Shawn is one of the very few artist I have had the opportunity to watch grow musically and personally. From his first mixtape, IWG: I Wear Glasses and being shouted out on songs, to being at this point seems like years ago! It is really a privilege and an honor to see someone from my hometown of Inglewood create amazing art for everyone to enjoy and be inspired.

Shawn Chrystopher’s newest album may be his best release to date. Featuring the dope first single, “Catch Me If You Can”, and the new college anthem, “The Hangover”, the album is sure to make a lot of waves in the Hip Hop world! Along with great music comes creative ideas and smart marketing. The free album comes with a 16-page digital booklet for listeners to get insight on Shawn, the songs, and a full musical experience. Shawn has also set up a new website were the album can be downloaded, a hard copy and a special fan pack can be purchased. Finally, the music video for Catch Me If You Can has just released on the rapper’s YouTube page. Featuring Shawn being chauffeured in the backseat of a $400,000 car, the music video is set to catch more than a few eyes!

Check out the Video then Download the Album!!! Support Great Music!

1. You, And Only You
2. Be Famous
3. The Hangover
4. Five Letter Word
5. Emergency Broadcast
6. Catch Me if You Can
7. Bang
8. Like This
9. Private School Girl
10. Plan B (Feat Jack Freeman)
11. Yesterday
12. Sold Out Shows
13. The Wood
14. I Tried


One Response to “Shawn Chrystopher – You, And Only You (Album) + Catch Me If You Can (Video)”

  1. Alexis said

    Love the concept of this video! And my boyfriend will be so happy to see the light up TY KU bottles in it! He’s obsessed with that alcohol.

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