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Casey Veggies x Nike Sportswear – More Than A Game Changer (Interview)

Posted by Just10 on December 3, 2010

It’s pretty dope to see a young LA Hip Hop artist being sponsored and promoted by Nike! Look for Casey Veggies new album Sleepin’ In Class later this month!!!

And click for the video of the interview right here!!!

Name: Casey Veggies
Lives: Inglewood, CA
Recording Artist
Sport: Basketball

Photography by: Ja Tecson

What are some childhood influences that made you into who you are today?
Playing basketball since I was 5. It crafted my character.

How does sport influence your sense of culture?
I understand how basketball, football and baseball are part of the culture in LA and all around the world. It’s the only thing that some kids got. It gives kids from the hood a sense of well being and an opportunity to shine.

What is the biggest challenge LA has thrown at you?
You can easily get caught up in all the negative in the city and all the nonsense that goes on. Just trying to stay away from it. Keeping a strong vision and doing you.

If you had the chance to give back to the community of LA, what would you do?
I would plan on doing some youth inspirational organizations. Just some things that informs kids that all is possible and let them know to keep their head up because we all know it can get rough out here.

How does LA nurture your passion?
It’s been a long wonderful journey for me. I started doing my music and spreading it through L.A. This is where it all started. There is a lot of people that have been around in this movement and there’s some cool things going on out here. It’s just so connected. It keeps everyone excited and on their A-game.

How do you best represent LA?
It’s hard to explain but to me you can tell when a person is from L.A. They have that swag. It’s instilled in them. True talk.

What makes you fearless?
I feel my story is a story untold. There’s a lot of people who have unique stories and visions but are afraid or just don’t know how to get them across. I feel I am ready and we are coming with a whole new wave.



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