We Champions Baby! Where Our Trophy At?

Michael Jordan’s Response to Lebron’s Commercial?

Posted by Jo$h on November 26, 2010

Not sure if it’s real and it probably isn’t, but wow. Makes you think and it’s pretty dope. Props to whoever put it put it together if it’s not real.

Sidenote: I wouldn’t put it past MJ if this was real.

One Response to “Michael Jordan’s Response to Lebron’s Commercial?”

  1. Just10 said

    That was classic! Really speaks to the true legend and myth of Michael Jordan! No one will ever surpass his reputation and legacy.
    And if someone other than Michael Jordan didn’t make this then they really went above and beyond… I never heard those words from MJ so that would me they found a person who sounds like Jordan right?

    Naw I think some how MJ put this together! hahaha

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