We Champions Baby! Where Our Trophy At?

Odd Future (OFWGKTA) at The Echo! December 1st!

Posted by Just10 on November 23, 2010

Fucking Swag. Some Fucking Idiot Gave Us An ALL AGES Show In Los Angeles. In Reality, This Could Be A Living Hell For Any One Over 22 With A Job Who Takes Life Serious, Simply Because of The Level Of Not Giving A Fuck And Immaturity That Will Be Present In The Building. That Will Make The Show More Fun In Our Opinion. To The Kids That Can Finally Come, I Would Have Mom Purchase These Tickets NOW! Because All The Faggot Label Heads And Magazine Writers And Bloggers Are Going To Snatch These Up, And It’s Nothing More Annoying That People At The Show That’s Not There Because They Love The Music And Live For That Shit; They’re There Because They Want A Fucking Raise. All These People Are Pedophiles And They Just Want To Fuck Us. So Please, If You’re A Fan, The One That Writes This Shit On Your Skateboard And Listen To This Everyday…PLEASE, Make Sure You Swag This Ticket Out. This Is Home. Los Angeles. This Show Will Mean More For Us Because This Is Where It Started. And If Not, Do It For EARL. So He Can Hear This Shit From Where Ever The Fuck He Is.


I will fully admit to never posting anything Odd Future, OFWGKTA, or Tyler the Creator on this blog although I have had and listened to his music for about 3 years. I have the Odd Future Tape. Sarah. Ace Creator. Bastard. AssMilk. I have Odd Toddlers and Commercial with Casey Veggies yet I never posted their shit (atleast I don’t think). So you can call me a bandwagon hopper if you want. But these dudes, straight from Hawthorne, California, are seriously becoming the newest Hip Hop sensation in a little under a year. I figured The 4th Quarter should support their LA show which is sure to be crazy! I’m guessing the show is sold out already!

If you don’t know these dudes, check their site or YouTube…

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