We Champions Baby! Where Our Trophy At?

Clif Soulo – Dope.Man.

Posted by Jo$h on June 12, 2010

I’m writing this as I’m going from one hustle to the next, slappin some Wale (get hip If you aren’t). Beautiful day in Oakland by the way. Alright, now for to the important news. The mixtape is almost ready to blast off! I hit ya’ll off with Oakland Girls featuring Beejus about a month ago. I appreciate the love with that one. This is my new sh!t. It’s called “Dope.Man”. Oakland Girls are great, but now it’s time for me to spit that shit. Enjoy!

-Clif Soulo

I Wish These Were My Beats Vol. 1

Listen: Clif Soulo – Dope.Man.

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