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Eazee Street x DJ Printz Paul: Best of 2009 Mixtape (Deluxe Edition)

Posted by Jo$h on April 22, 2010

So it’s a couple days late but here it is.  The idea was to drop this tape on the 15th aka Tax Day.  Tax Day is the last day you’re supposed to have to deal with things from the previous year so Printz and I thought that would be the perfect deadline.  As you saw Eazee Street was dropping Best of 2009 video interviews with plenty of LA talent as well as the Clipse.  The videos were to lead up to the tape but technical difficulties slowed the process. As I was conducting the interviews the artists wanted to know my picks.  This tape is my answer.  In no particular order these are songs I got my hands on in 2009 that really stuck with me.  This mixtape features everything from L.A. but Printz told me he’s holding the East Coast tape hostage…ya’ll have to request it.  For now take the L.A. Deluxe Edition, the Deluxe Edition includes separated tracks from the original mix as well as two bonus tracks and unreleased video interviews with UNI, Strong Arm Steady, Dom Kennedy, Chris Focus & Picaso.  The previously released videos are also included and all interviews are formatted to be viewed in iTunes (perfect for iPod, iTouch & iPhones viewing).  Enjoy!

Shout out to Eazee Street!

Download: Eazee Street x DJ Printz Paul: Best of 2009 Mixtape (Deluxe Edition)

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