We Champions Baby! Where Our Trophy At?

April 2nd! Friday Night! J*Davey x U-N-I – Live at The Roxy

Posted by Just10 on April 1, 2010

We are a little late and informing you but DAMN IT, THAT’S NO EXCUSE! BRING YO ASS TO THE SHOW! Hahaha

But for real, J*Davey and U-N-I might have two of the best live performances of any musical artists right now. They both love to have fun on stage and really feed off the crowd. So you can expect to have a great time at the famous Roxy nightclub where some of the greatest performers have entertained LA’s best.

Also check below and after the jump to see the promotional video by U-N-I and J*Davey! Thank Eazee for that!

Eazee Street and Cypressology stumble upon UNI and J*DaVeY at the restaurant Stuff I Eat in Inglewood.  The two duos discussed performances and live shows for them while touching on things like UNI’s third and newest member Sebastian, what UNI looks to do with their performances, Miss Jack Davey’s “stage antics” as well as a memorable show in San Francisco with an off kilter Bass player.  Check it out and make sure to be at the show tomorrow night at the Roxy as both acts will be tearing the stage down.  Plus you want to see Sebastian and Miss Jack Davey’s stage antics for yourself.

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