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El Prez – Animal Style (Mixtape)

Posted by Jo$h on February 15, 2010

The tracks I’ve heard from this before have all been crazy! Download it now as I’m going to!

The day is finally here! “Animal Style!” is on the menu…
This is my first true solo project since ‘08 so I held nothing back and brought the best out of myself to give the people an amazing project and look into the FCC/ “Tree House” lifestyle in Los Angeles, circa 2010. “Animal Style!” derived from a hamburger chain that originated in SoCal called In-N-Out, and refers to a special way they prepare the burger and fries that only the locals and savvy customers even knew existed, on a “secret” menu. Being the hamburger aficionado I am (lol), I felt my music and this “food for thought” I was cooking up on this project was made by the city of angels and its inhabitants, and should only be available to them and the people who truly wanted to enjoy my product. For the fans who would scratch, claw, ditch school/work, just to get their hands on some El Prez music, “Animal Style!” was made for them.

Another big reason for the project being named after a burger is because whenever I think of an In-N-Out burger, it reminds me of sunny CA, from the palm trees, to the women and year-round warm weather. In other words, it reminds me of home, and putting this project out is my way of opening the doors of my home so the rest of the world can see how we live.
Putting this project together required a lot of cooks in the kitchen, each adding a certain flavor to the record to give people the taste they’re craving. On the production tip I got producers such as Ro Blvd (U-N-I, A Love Supreme), Chris “THX” Goodman (Snoop Dogg, MURS), Dae One (Bishop Lamont, Black Milk), SOV (Chip the Ripper, The Cleveland Show) and more to heat up the grill. I also brought in fellow makers of the taste Diz Gibran, Freddie Gibbs, Donwill, Von Pea, Shawn Chrystopher and others to season this record with the freshness they’re all known for baking.

From the hard-work anthem of “Burgertime”, to the heart-attack-inducing music of “King Kong (I’m Gone)” and the title track, “Animal Style” takes you on a journey in the day of the life of a black president in Southern California, looking for a good meal. Presented by IM-King clothing,,, and the FCC, “Animal Style!” is on the menu everywhere online and where good music is bootlegged ha!


Animal Style! Stream/Download @

Back Cover/Track listing after the jump.

One Response to “El Prez – Animal Style (Mixtape)”

  1. Just10 said

    Dope! I have been waiting on this mixtape for a long time! but Im a little upset that only a snippet of King Kong is on the mixtape! C’mon son!!!

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