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Mishka Los Angeles Store Opening in Echo Park!!!

Posted by Just10 on February 11, 2010

I’ve always been a major fan of the clothing brand Mishka! Their unique designs and weird slogans have made the brand a standout among so many other streetwear companies. Now the brand is moving west to LA to open up shop, which is dope because I can only find their clothes at Brooklyn Projects and Hot Rod. Can’t wait.

Back in March of 2009, we opened our flagship store – 350 Broadway – in the heart of burgeoning South Williamsburg.   Since then our digs have at times hosted a variety of activities including art shows, various parties, crazy sample sales, celebrity drop-ins, and impromptu Street Fighter 2 competitions. 350 Broadway went from being just a brick and mortar shop, to being one of Brooklyn’s hot spots.

Exactly 344 days after, we will be opening a sister store in Los Angeles where we hope to accomplish in Echo Park what 350 Broadway did in Brooklyn.  МИШКА LA will open its doors at 1547 Echo Park Blvd. on February 20th with a clear mission to be a part of the growing transformation of the Echo Park neighborhood.

And our neighbors feel the same way: I’m looking forward to the Mishka store opening in Echo Park. I’m sure they have some wild stuff planned as only they do. It’ll be nice to grab a beer from El Batey market and shoot the shit out front of the store on a Saturday. That block is great from when Han Cholo and Show Pony were there and I couldn’t think of a better addition to the neighborhood – Steve Ternosky of stalwart brand Obey

It is the only store of its kind in the new hood, but Echo Park was the only place we felt would be a natural fit for a second location. The neighborhood is slowly becoming LA’s destination for the arts and fledgling independent businesses. Meanwhile, a migration of creative youth, young professionals, and LA natives inhabit the neighborhood. МИШКА LA feels right at home.

Designed with the same sensibilities of 350 Broadway, МИШКА LA features familiar similarities with the bright purple neon lights and the hallmark Adam Wallacavage octopus chandelier. And while the intent was to make МИШКА LA distinct, it still feels connected to our Brooklyn roots.

And who would we be without throwing a big party to celebrate our west coast arrival? While we’ll be having an opening reception from 7-9pm in-store, we also have a H-U-G-E party in the works for later that night. Stay tuned right here for all of the details on what, where, when and how you can attend!

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