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Scion AV Radio App

Posted by Jo$h on December 23, 2009

For us iPhone and iTouch users, the people over at Scion have created an app that allows us direct access to their 17 radio stations which range everywhere from hip-hop to metal.

After the success of the Scion Radio 17 Beats Per Minute (BPM) Meter app for the iPhone and iPod touch, Scion releases its second mobile application in the Apple App Store- the Scion AV Radio app. With the Scion AV Radio application, users can listen to the automaker’s online radio station “Scion Radio 17” directly from their device. Among the featured radio stations in the app are “Vice Radio,” “The Rub Radio,” “Wax Poetics,” “Turntable Lab” and “IHEARTCOMIX.” Found on the brand’s lifestyle website, the “Scion Radio 17” content is refreshed the first Thursday of every month.

The Scion AV Radio app also allows users to listen to the latest remix projects and CD Sampler releases from Scion’s in-house record label “Scion Audio Visual,” as well as watch interviews with music artists with whom Scion has partnered. A multi-media platform capability also allows users to send links with content from the Scion AV Radio app to themselves and friends to play from either a computer or iPhone.

“Scion is always looking for ways to tailor its products to fit the lifestyle and tastes of its consumers,” said Jeri Yoshizu, Scion sales promotions manager. “With the success of the BPM Meter app and the popularity of the ‘Scion Radio 17’ broadband channel, we thought it was natural to combine those two elements for the AV Radio app.”

Click Here to Download for free!

Shout out to Angela for giving me the heads up as she always does!

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