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Mistah FAB Takes Over Lakers Broadcast

Posted by Jo$h on November 30, 2009

On Saturday night the Lakers went up to Oakland and handed the Warriors a loss by 33 points.  However, the most entertaining aspect of this particular game was a very vocal fan who’s comments were heard throughout the broadcast as he was seated directly behind Lakers announcers Joel Myers and Stu Lantz.  When they showed an image of the fan it was none other than Bay area rapper Mistah FAB adding even more humor to an already hilarious situation.  Adding irony to the situation, Mistah FAB received his tickets to the game from Laker Ron Artest as FAB confirmed via twitter.

Listen to his comments in the above video.

Shout out to Youtube user CaCHooKaReborn for the video.

These were the best comments from Mistah FAB.

“You’ve got teammates baby.”

“Can we play some basketball yall? It looks like we just playing shootaround.”

“Ok, Corey, you the only one that wanna play tonight?”

“Yall playing like yall want an autograph.  Yall in the NBA too.”

“If yall want an autgraph just get the jersey out now!”

“You gotta give up that ball baby, this aint Davidson.”

“You doing a lot of complaining.  Complaining only reminds you of how bad you’re doing.”

“Timeout coach please!! Call a 20 or something!!”

“This looks like an AAU team against the Lakers.”

“I’m having a party tonight in Frisco!”

One Response to “Mistah FAB Takes Over Lakers Broadcast”

  1. Clif Soulo said

    HILARIOUS!!!!!! That’s town biz for ya tho

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