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What Do You Think?: Matt Cali and C-Plus – The Dope Fix (Mixtape)

Posted by Just10 on November 19, 2009

I promised myself I would start posting almost anything that hit my email box and let visitors of the site decide it is blog worthy!!! This is one of the first… Matt Cali and C-Plus hit the net with new mixtape featuring real DJing. I have yet to listen but you can tell me what you think in the comment section! Here is an explanation of the mixtape.

Remember when hip hop¬†mixtapes¬†were actually¬†mixed tapes? When beats actually blended together and¬†Dj’s¬†had something to contribute besides there “big”¬†names and a flurry of gun shot sound effects. Well my fellow¬†hip hop fiends your “Dope Fix” is here! Matt Cali returns with fellow¬†nor-cal¬†artist C-Plus in another prime example of¬† hip-hops continuing¬†resurgence¬†in the west coast. Featuring only 9 tracks but a running time of about 60min, the rap duo wanted to stay true to the mix and decided to leave the tape in the original chunks they were recorded in. Matt Cali explains, “I feel like if we broke-up the mix too much, it really would have taken away from the essence¬†of what¬†we¬†are really trying to accomplish. Which is to showcase rappin’ and djing¬†at a very¬†high level¬†simultaneously. I don’t think it happens enough in today’s¬†mixtape¬†world¬†anymore.”¬† C-Plus adds “When you have great talent coming together like me and Matt, you can’t just go by the book. It has to be special, anything else is a fail.”¬† This¬†mixtape’s¬†sound and lyrics¬†do not¬†discriminate¬†either the¬†two¬†¬†rap over everything from classic Jay-Z beats to The Police,Flying Lotus and even a few Matt Cali originals. Topics of rhyme include everything from¬†girls and partying, to real life struggles and at times¬†even some political overtones. Matt Cali delivers another stellar performance on the turntables as he and C-Plus hold down the mics supremely. DOPE FIX!!

Download: Matt Cali & C-Plus – The Dope Fix (Mixtape)

One Response to “What Do You Think?: Matt Cali and C-Plus – The Dope Fix (Mixtape)”

  1. said

    Dope fix is bangin!!

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