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Heartbreak Drake – Part 3: The First Semester (Mixtape)

Posted by Just10 on November 13, 2009

So this is pretty much every new, leaked, or stolen song from Drake in the past 2 months. I’m sure this will be in most people’s rotation for the next 4 months or until someone leaks more of Heartbreak Drake’s songs!

Download: Drake – Heartbreak Drake: Part 3 (The First Semester)

01 Scriptures
02 Hurt
03 Material Girl Runaway Girl f. Colin Munroe
04 Play Ball f. Birdman
05 Fed Up
06 Say Something
07 The King
08 Play Ball
09 Believe It Or Not
10 More Milli
11 Money To Blow
12 Darlin’
13 Fear
14 Killers
15 Bedrock
16 Off That
17 Beautiful
18 Go
19 Successfull (Live) w/ Jay-Z
20 Words From Jay-Z

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