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Power by 50 Cent Cologne Ad and Mall Tour

Posted by Just10 on November 5, 2009

Speaking of 50 Cent….

50 Cent is set for a mall tour tomorrow to kick off the publicity campaign for his upcoming Power by 50 cologne. The cologne will be sold exclusively at Macy’s. Now the official print ad which will be featured in national men’s magazines has been released.

50 is following the likes of entertainers Diddy, Usher, and Jay-Z by hopping into the world fragrances. We will see if 50 can be equally or more successful than his counterparts.

Why the name Power?
Power is confidence. The confidence to deliver your answer when you are in a board meeting is what will allow you to move up faster. The confidence to be yourself in front of people creates a separation. The people that you saw speak ahead of me at this event had to read their paper that people prepared for them. I didn’t, my confidence will allow me to do things my way and help people make a decision. People will like the idea of me just being me.

Source – Wooha

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