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Clipse ft. Camron – Popular Demand (Popeyes)

Posted by Jo$h on October 23, 2009


Here’s a CDQ of the track that’s been highly anticipated on them worldwide internets.

Produced by Pharrell.

Check out a behind the scenes look at the video shoot after the jump.

Download: Clipse feat. Cam’ron – Popular Demand (Popeye’s)

2 Responses to “Clipse ft. Camron – Popular Demand (Popeyes)”

  1. Just10 said

    This is the funniest song because it reminds me of the best story from highschool! The whole Dipset was inside the Fox Hills Mall (the old one) back in 2003 and me, Kiyoshi and JP were inside walking around… We saw the Dipset crew walking around and were pretty amped up. Later we ended up hitting the food court to get food. I got chinese food while Kiyoshi got mexican food. JP ended up getting Popeyes chicken….

    Supposedly the story goes, JP was sitting inside Popeyes and decided to eat a piece of chicken really quick before meeting up with us again. Cam’ron walked inside Popeye’s and saw JP opening his chicken and decided to ask for a piece! So of course JP couldn’t say no and gave up a chicken leg! So the story goes, Jahn Paul gave Cam’ron a piece of chicken at the Fox Hills mall!

    Any misspellings or errors… Fuck you! lol

  2. BROOKLYN said

    Yo the clipse is some real dudes they were out in Brooklyn rocking there jewelry showing the hood mad love camron came to brooklyn on east 51st and clarkson ave and stayed in his car and made the video directors relocate all the way to jersey look @ the are code for the behind the scenes cam is soft clipse is real dudes for sure gonna get that album

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