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NBA Preview: Top Point Guards (2009-10)

Posted by Jo$h on October 20, 2009


1. Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets) – Just about as close to a complete player as you’ll find in this league. If you had your choice in point guards, there’s no way you’d go wrong picking Paul. Last season he averaged 23 points 11 assists 5 rebounds and 3 steals per game while shooting 50% from the field. With those kinds of numbers you have to wonder when he’s going to explode one night and give the league its first quadruple-double since David Robinson in 1994. It’ll be interesting to see how Paul will mesh with newly acquired Emeka Okafor after throwing lobs to Tyson Chandler for the last 3 seasons.


2. Deron Williams (Utah Jazz) – Although he’s number two on this list, it shouldn’t be seen as a slight. As a matter of fact, Deron Williams usually gets the better of Chris Paul when the two square off. Deron Williams is as skilled of a point guard that you’ll see today. However, being in Utah isn’t particularly ideal if your game is to get the recognition it deserves. Williams points and assists have gone up each year that he’s been in the league. While at the All Star Game in Phoenix earlier this year I was appalled to learn that Williams has yet to earn an all star selection in his career. While that may just be a result of being in the same conference as perennial all stars who are more of household names such as Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Allen Iverson, Tony Parker, etc. Regardless of the fact that he hasn’t been selected, Deron Williams is an all star, and he’ll prove it once again this year. Hopefully this is the year that he’ll be recognized as such.


3. Jason Kidd (Dallas Mavericks) – He’s been the best point guard in the league for much of the last decade and has accumulated more than 100 triple doubles. He’s now aged and you have to assume he’s nearing retirement. However, as great players do, he’s been able to adjust his game so suit what his body is and isn’t capable of and the result is that he’s still one of the best point guards in the league. His court vision is unmatched and he always finds a way to get the ball to exactly where it needs to be on the court. Why else did the leagues two best players (Kobe & Lebron) fall in love with him as a teammate in the 2008 Olympics and vie for him to join their respective franchises? He’s that good and only gets better with age.


4. Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs) – Want to know the definition of a near perfect life? How about being the starting point guard on one of the most reputable franchises in all of sports, being one of the quickest players in the league, having three championship rings, having the greatest power forward in the history of the game on your front line, and being married to Eva Longoria. Parker has been the starting point guard for more championship teams than anyone currently in the league not named Derek Fisher (They’re tied). Last season Tony Parker averaged 22 points and 7 assists while speeding past his defenders for easy layups for a 50% field goal percentage. With Tony Parker steering the ship, its hard for the point guards of the other squads to keep up.


5. Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls) – He’s only been in the league for one year and one playoff series, but the Rookie of the Year already has observers enamored with him. Whether its breaking the ankles of veterans or taking his team to the brink in a seven game thriller against the defending champions in his first playoff series, Derrick Rose has Bulls fans drooling over what the future holds for this young star. 17 points and 6 assists per game are impressive for anyone let alone a rookie that was only a year removed from high school. And with the Bulls leading scorer, Ben Gordon, gone you have to think those numbers will go up as Rose will shoulder more responsibility on offense while tapping into his seemingly limitless potential.

Honorable Mentions: Rajon Rondo (Boston Celtics), Monta Ellis (Golden State Warriors), Steve Nash (Phoenix Suns), Gilbert Arenas (Washington Wizards)

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