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Kanye West x Lady Gaga x Fame Kills Tour: Cancelled

Posted by Jo$h on October 1, 2009


Tickets for selected cities started presale on Tuesday (09/29) and were going to go on sale on Saturday (10/02), but now the most anticipated tour of the year has been abruptly cancelled for unspecified reasons. On wednesday afternoon the concert promotion company Live Nation notified fans via twitter of the cancellation. The message was brief and offered little other information to the fans other than information of how to be refunded.

This comes as a surprise as the artists were heavily promoting the tour as recent as last week. During a radio interview Lady Gaga expressed the excitement she had to introduce herself to Kanye West’s fans. She also described the show as “a celebration of creativity, art, fashion and choreography.”

Early Tuesday morning there were rumors on several gossip sites such as that claimed to have inside sources stating that it was only a matter of time before the tour was cancelled and there would be an official announcement within the next few days. The claim also stated that Lady Gaga was the one who wanted out of the tour and not Kanye.

Although there was no reason given, speculation ios focused on Kanye West and the recent backlashed he’s received as a result of his actions at the MTV Video Music Awards. While singer Taylor Swift was receiving her award Kanye took to the stage interrupting Taylor’s acceptance speech to state that singer Beyonce “had one of the greatest videos of all time.” Beyonce later allowed Taylor Swift to finish her acceptance speech later in the show after she received an award. By that time Kanye West had been asked to leave the venue by MTV.

In the days following the incident Kanye West gave a heartfelt apology on the premier of the new Jay Leno Show. He stated that following the Awards he spoke to and apologized to Taylor Swift personally. However, due to Kanye’s history of acting out at award shows many of the fans and in the media have been less forgiving to him this time award. Becuause of this, speculation has led many to assume that Lady Gaga wishes to distance herself from Kanye West and avoid any opotential backlash she may receive by being on the same bill as the rapper.

Lady Gaga had previously mentioned that she would be headlining her own separate tour which would begin a few feeks following the conclusion of the “Fame Kills” tour. It is unknown if the cancellation of “Fame Kills” affected and other project from the artists.


“You know how much tour money that yall just messed up?” – Skillz

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